Saturday, October 30, 2010

Road Map/Beginings

Vegan Month of Food 2010 starts Monday. As I've already mentioned I'll be participating. I've made a rough outline to ensure I get the structure I'm looking for. Or at least make a valiant attempt.

And there will indeed be structure. Rather than examining items (recipes and books and ideas oh my!) in my usual somewhat anarchic style I'm going with a plotted narrative. Complete with characters and cliffhangers and episodic storytelling.

Oh my.

I'll also be making plenty of gratuitous pop culture references, as verified by my making a Wizard of Oz reference just sentences ago. Not once, but twice! Because it amused me to do so. All while staying true to the theme of this blog. Vegetarian cookery as historical narrative. Which is a twenty-dollar over-educated phrase for 'interesting old vegetarian/vegan stuff'.

Sacrifices will be made. For example, in this post I've spent so much space telling you what I'm going to tell you that I'm running out of space to actually tell you anything. So I'd better start telling.

Best to start at the beginning. Two figures stand masked in shadow. Observing.

Observation is the entirety of their existence. If anyone knew of them they would be called  "Observers".

We humans are nothing if not literal.

Beyond space they watch. Beyond time itself. Eternal shadow. Difficult to see actually. Which shouldn't really bother us. They aren't really all that important. They show up again after the final episode but aren't much more than a framing device.

This is not their story.

On the other hand, about the fifteen year old boy they have been observing walking down the street munching on a snack we shall soon be hearing much.


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